My Clients & Testimonials


Dana is giving healing to my father's collie who has an aggressive tumour growing in his face. We both feel this has come from the release of years of suppression - my father acquired him in the last year, a very nervous dog with acute abandonment issues, all that was known was he lived with a drug addict who died, and Bluey was left with his body for some days before being found. Now Bluey is a happy, happy dog from being loved. Since Dana's healings the tumour has not spread, and the vet is astounded at how strong and healthy he is, expecting him to have seriously declined by now. Dana is a special being, she has a special connection with animals and heals them with love and understanding.

Clare Rome


I approached Dana for distant pet healing on a recommendation. I had no experience of this type of healing but am very open minded and am delighted that I did. I have rescue dogs, one in particular who came from the local pound was giving me much cause for concern. He had severe fear aggression and although training over time had stopped the aggression he still had fear and trust issues. I was at a loss to help him. Dana gave him healing sessions and created essences for him. His transformation over those weeks of healing is truly astonishing, it has given him back his life, something I could never achieve. Thank you is just not enough, a wonderful kind lady with a truly remarkable talent

Lyne Hall


Dana tuned into Rebel and saw memories that only he & I had and how they affected him. I am in no doubt she totally communicated with him. At a loss how to explain it, but it is amazing. With great advice to help calm him.

Laurie Blair


I was very fortunate to try one of Dana’s taster sessions and although I had no experience of this type of help I was happy to give it a try with our little dog rescued from Bosnia. Dana has a very professional approach throughout the experience and was also very, very kind. Although settled in our household , friendly with our other dog and having a special bond with my daughter I noticed that Molly could at times be distant and appeared to zone out for periods of time regularly. I did hope with time and lots of tlc that this would change. Following Dana’s healing with Molly we have noticed a marked difference. She now expresses lots more personality and lets you know her excitement or her likes and dislikes. She allows herself to be loved more and reciprocates. We are just so happy to see her like this and wow what a fantastic personality she has. If you are considering contacting Dana, go ahead, she is a special person and our four legged friends deserve this help in what can be a harsh world for vurnerable animals. Thanks Dana xxx

Liz Drife

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