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Chanting Willows
Animal Sanctuary

Harmony and Beauty

Creating a healing and harmonious place for all animals, rewilding the land, and helping to enrich and nourish the lives of others through the return to nature and the interaction with animals, and the communing with plants. Chanting Willows Animal Sanctuary was created by Dana who has a deep love for animals and nature and has dedicated her life in assisting them and developing in holisitc healing. She specialises in herbalism, animal healing and soul connections.

Chanting Willos is a sacred place outside of Ringford, in Dumfries and Galloway where Dana and her partner strive to live in harmony with nature, to embrace a sustainable way of living and provide sanctuary for animals, both wild and domestic. They tend to their own animals, Dana using her holistic animal healing practices and connections to help bring harmony, and well-being to the animals that enter their lifes and helps to assist others in transformational healing through equine interactions, herbalism, energy healing, and flower therapy, holding drumming circles and offering heaing drumming journeys.

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Transsformational Healing

Avalon Animal Healing Grove

Heelping to assist your animal in their healing with residential and distant sessions in intuitive communication, soul connection healing, flower and crystal therapy, aromaterapy and herbalism. Workshops and courses also available. Enter Here.

Fae of the Wild Herbcraft

Transformational healing from the wisdom and guidance of plants. Offering flower psychometry therapy and readings, flower remedies, and herbal consults, including the preparation, and continual journey in the creation of spagyrics. Enter Here.

Starfire Equine Connection

Currently closed.

Willow and Hare Sacred healings

Currently closed.

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The Sacred Land

Caretakers of the Land

The Wild Garden

Transforming garden grounds to organic, to support biodiversity and atract widlife, and for the creation of healing remedies and herbal feed support for the animals, and family. Establishing native trees, plants and wild flowers, gradually having more and more herbs for medicine making and spagyrics in Fae of the Wild Herbcraft along with creating a healing and beautiful place for clients to simply be present in, and to find wisdom and guidance from the plants.

The Sacred Woodland

Looking after 7 acres of an old beeech woodland, and helping to asist it transforming into a temperate rainforest - a little pocket of rich biodiversity and a safe haven for wildlife. A place for the horses to graze and help manage the health of the woodland and for healing walks, herbal forage, and equine assisted trails. Tree planting events replacing spruce and sycamore with native plants of elder, hawthron, hazel, oak, holly, and more.

The Sacred Spring

The land is home to several natural under ground springs which are treasured, blessed as sacred places, of waters of healing and nourishment, used in herbal preperaions, and enriching our lives, the lives of the animals, and those who visit.

The Rewilding Journey

A lifelong journey, in allowing the 21 acres of land to restore health and vitality, to be rich in wildife and plant life, to restore wild hedgerow, and paddock, hill, and meadow covered in wild flowers and herbs. Chanting Willows will continue to strive to be caretakers of this land, for the well-being of the wild animals, and the animals who enter our lives, and for the enrichment of body, mind and soul.

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Nurturing Equine Souls

Forever Homes

Providing a safe haven for abused, ill and aged horses, offering a bonded herd, freedom to roam, throgh trust, healng and harmony. Itt is only a small operaion, primarily run by Dana on her own, who focuses on deep healing for the equine souls, focusing on mindfulness, fully liberating the horse, and allowing as much time needed for the horses to trust, and be fully empowered and authentic.

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Ringford, Castle Douglas,
Dumfries & Galloway
Phone: 07871 014742
Email: dana@chantingwillows.co.uk